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Coin Catalog Pro™ - Coin Collecting Database Software by DB-Pros, Inc. Coin Catalog Pro™ - Coin Collecting Database Software   Coin Catalog Pro™ : $119.95 USD
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Tips and Techniques for Evaluating the Items, Prices and Value of your Coin Collection using Coin Catalog Pro™ Software

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for working with data, however Excel is not a true database.  When you need data analytical power and control beyond cells and formulas, Microsoft Access is the clear choice for professionals.  This robust database management system is just much better suited for certain applications than Excel (which is primarily designed for number crunching).

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Coin Collecting Software

There is one advantage to Excel, however, that can't be denied: Nearly everyone has Excel on their computer and knows how to use it!

It is because of this fact, we have built Excel export capabilities into Coin Catalog Pro™.  With the click of a button you can output all of your coin data into an Excel worksheet, which can then be manipulated and analyzed in any way you like.  Excel is a universal format and can be read or used on many computing platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, OpenOffice, Android, mobile, etc).  The Excel export function of Coin Catalog Pro™ also makes for a great way to send a friend or associate a listing of what you have available in your collection (for sale, trade, appraisal, etc).

With Coin Catalog Pro™, you can have the best of both worlds: a true custom relational database system for coins, with all the convenience and capabilities of Microsoft Excel built right in.

Tip #1: Save images from auction and purchase sites directly into your database.  High-resolution images are important when buying/selling investment-quality and heirloom coins.  Your coins deserve to look their best!

Tip #2: Some customers are using the Excel output functionality as a great way to take snapshots of their coin portfolio, to archive and compare later in time for financial performance purposes.

Tip #3: Export your latest coin portfolio data and put the Excel file on your mobile phone BEFORE you to to a Coin Show, Auction, or Flea Market.  Make better informed purchasing decisions!

Tip #4: If you are buying/selling coins, use Coin Catalog Pro's built-in sorting and filtering tools to identify the most profitable categories, series, sources, etc.  Make well-informed purchase and sale decisions.

Tip #5: Use Microsoft Access' built-in encryption function to secure your database with a custom password.

From office.microsoft.com: Setting a Password to Prevent Opening a Database

The real beauty of Coin Catalog Pro™ is that it lets the user manage and analyze their coin data any way they like.  Its your data, make the most of it!

Coin Catalog Pro™ : $119.95 USD
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System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
Approx. 55mb disk space
Internet connection (for licensing)

(Full Lifetime license, includes Free access to future upgrades)
  Also available
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