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HOA Tracking Database Software by DB-Pros, Inc. HOA / Property Management Tracking Database Software

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the HOA Tracking Database program from more than one computer at a time (ie multiple simultaneous users)?

A: Yes, all of our applications can be set up to operate in a true multi-user networked database system configuration.  There is an additional cost per PC you wish to run the software.  We now offer Cloud -based options in addition to traditional PC-based installs.  Please contact us to discuss your local network environment if you are interested in more than one user of the software.

Is there an Instruction Manual for the HOA Tracking Database Software?

A: Yes.  Please see the User Guide that is installed with the program.  You can locate this in the program listing under the Windows Start Menu.  We also encourage you to contact us with any other questions or feedback you have. We try to answer all queries in a timely fashion (typically within 24 hours or sooner).

Does the HOA Database Software track potential violation issues or "concerns"?

A: Yes.  We recommend creating a new status, such as "1st Complaint - (Trash Issue/Concern)".  This status can then be assigned to the appropriate resident.  Once the violation is confirmed, the status can be changed to "First Notice" etc.  Feel free to use the Notes field to add additional information or comments as the complaint is investigated.

Can I print Address Labels directly from the HOA Tracking Database?

A: Yes. The HOA Tracking database includes built-in address label printing directly from the application.  If the format you need is not listed in the application, let us know what format you need and we can provide you with the proper template. You can provide us either with the Avery label number or the actual dimensions of your label stock.

Can I load data from an external source into the HOA Tracking Database?

A: Yes.  The HOA Tracking Database Software system includes functions to import Owner Contact / Account Billing data from QuickBooks, Quicken and other Microsoft Excel® -based data sources.  Please see the sample .xlsx file included with the software for more information.

Alternatively, we offer Database Import Service from your flat file (.txt, .csv, etc) for a nominal charge.

To initiate a service order for our Database Import Service, please contact our support team via our webform or by email.

Import HOA data from MS Excel

"I like the software but need it to do [specific function xyz] -- Can it be customized?"

A: Yes.  As all of our applications utilize the Microsoft Access database engine, they are by design scalable and flexible systems that can be customized.  We have aimed to include functions of universal appeal, but we understand all organizations have slightly different needs.  We encourage you to contact us after reviewing the software to discuss any particular customizations you might need for your business.

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For additional questions, you can always reach us at the address above / below or contact us via our web form.

We strive to be responsive to all of our customers, please understand we are ourselves a growing business, too!

Thank You!

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