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HR Management System Software by DB-Pros, Inc. Human Resources (HR) Tracking Database Software™

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does HR Tracking Database Software™ track applicants or "potential" employees?

A: Yes.  We recommend creating new statuses, such as "Applicant" , "Referral", "Internal Candidate" etc.  In this way, you can sort and organize your data in the most effective way for your organization.  Our customers have found many new and creative ways to use the HR Tracking Database' Software™'s built-in functions.

Can I use the program from more than one computer at a time (ie multiple simultaneous users)?

A: Yes, all of our applications can be set up to operate in a true multi-user networked database system configuration.  Purchase of more than one license will come with an installation for your network.  The install places the "back-end" of the system on your file-share server and includes setups for each licensed PC.

Please contact us if you have special licensing requirements or unique network configuration needs.

Can HR Tracking Database Software™ be password protected at the file level?

A: Yes.  Encryption can be set at the database level for security using Microsoft Access password protection (Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider, AES-256, 256-bit).  All users of the system will be required to enter the strong password to gain access to the system.

If you wish to incorporate more complex user-level security, please contact us for a custom quote to meet your requirements.

Is there an Instruction Manual for HR Tracking Database Software™?

A: Yes.  Please see the User Guide that is installed with the program.  You can locate this in the program listing under the Windows Start Menu.  We also encourage you to contact us with any other questions or feedback you have. We try to answer all queries in a timely fashion (typically within 24 hours or sooner).

Can the HR Tracking Database Software™ system Date formats be changed from English (US) to English (UK)?

A: Yes.  The HR Database contains a global option to change the date format display from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy (or vice versa).

Can I load Employee / HR data from an external source into the HR Management Database?

A: Yes.  If your Employee information for importing can be put into a standard Microsoft Excel file, it can be imported into the HR Database.

  Import Employee / HR data from Microsoft Excel

"I like the software but need it to do [specific function xyz] -- Can it be customized?"

A: Yes.  As all of our applications utilize the Microsoft Access database engine, they are by design scalable and flexible systems that can be customized.  We have aimed to include functions of universal appeal, but we understand all organizations have slightly different needs.  We encourage you to contact us after reviewing the software to discuss any particular customizations you might need for your business.

For additional questions, you can always reach us at the address below or contact us via our web form.

We strive to be responsive to all of our customers, please understand we are ourselves a growing business, too!

Thank You!

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