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HR Tracking Database Software™ by DB-Pros Inc. is a powerful and easy-to-use HR management system for modern growing businesses


Boston, MA/24-7PressRelease/ - HR professionals are tasked with managing a variety of personal and business information for their organizations.  From compensation and position data to benefits and disciplinary action, a good HRIS or HRMS software system will be easy to use and able to complement the role of HR staff.

Employee and temporary worker data must be displayed in a presentable format so that the information is easily accessible and clear.  Additionally, it must be easy to make edits and input new information into the HR system, to enable to business to understand their workforce.

HR Tracking Database Software™ by DB-Pros is an easy to use and powerful HR management database system. Designed with the growing business in mind, the software is engineered to give HR administrators a clear view of employee and job history data.  Records can be quickly retrieved, reviewed and updated as needed to ensure changes in the organization are accurately captured.

Key Features of HR Tracking Database Software™:

The system allows for management of employee information, job position history data, personal time off, training, licensing and certification (with compliance reporting) and more.  Employee files and documents can be uploaded into the system and saved with the employee's records.

Reporting is quick and can be filtered by logical criteria to facilitate prompt business decision-making processes.  Data can also be easily output to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet files for further analysis.

The HR Tracking Database Software™ system is affordably priced.  There are no monthly service charges or hidden fees.  As the system is hosted on your own network, your business information is kept safe and confidential.

The HR Tracking Database system will grow with your business.

The system can be set-up to run in true multi-user fashion on a workplace LAN network.  Additional user licenses can be added at a reasonable cost as your organization grows.

HR Tracking Database Software™ is a logical and intelligent choice for your Human Resource software solution needs.

You are cordially encouraged to visit the DB-Pros corporate website for more information and to evaluate a trial download of the software to see how the HR Tracking Database™ can help you meet all your HR management goals.

(Version 2.4 is now available)

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