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Hospital / Clinic Database Management Software for Windows by DB-Pros

Hospital Database Software for Windows
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Immediate Digital Delivery / CD-ROM Available
Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
Approx. 240mb disk space
Starting at $489.95
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*Free for humanitarian use - please request license
Easy-to-use Hospital Database software for tracking Patients, Staff, Conditions, Payments, Billing and more . . . Also Excellent for Field and Clinical operations

Administration of a Hospital or Medical Clinic requires accurate record-keeping and accounting.  Many critical aid organizations suffer with inferior systems and manual processes.  Some users create "essential data spreadsheets" with Microsoft Excel to try and organize information, however, these spreadsheets quickly and inevitably get out of hand.  The fact is, Excel is good for number crunching, but Excel is not a database.

Web-based medical informational management database systems exist, but these service providers typically charge a monthly fee to use the service and do not offer a great user experience.  Additionally, a reliable internet connection is simply not a practical or desirable option for many field life-saving operations.

None of the current Hospital database management solutions can offer the benefits of true custom Hospital / Clinic management software.

Hospital Database Software screenshot of patient management screen
Hospital Management Software Hospital Database Software™ for Windows

(Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 or higher)

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* Immediate Digital Delivery
* No hidden fees or monthly costs

Professional + Powerful Hospital Database Software Solution!

Trusted by medical professionals in field and epidemiological operations

DB-Pros Hospital / Clinic Database Software makes patient data, staff, medical condition data, and billing information as clear, understandable, and easy to manage as possible.

DB-Pros Hospital / Patient Management Database Software is a completely self-contained clinical management system that will grow with your organization.  Store all your patient medical data in one portable database file!  Including x-rays, consent forms, account statements, attachments and more.

Note: This software is excellent for field clinic use, where internet available may by limited, but access to imediate medical information is essential to operations.  As it is a true database, its performance will not be hindered by the size of data. This means quick results to your queries and instant access to your medical data.

Start analyzing and using your hospital, patient and clinic medical data to improve your business operations!

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* Immediate Digital Delivery
* No hidden fees or monthly costs
*Free for humanitarian use - please request license

Benefits of DB-Pros' Hospital Database Software:

  • Maintain all of your hospital and clinic information in one powerful software database
  • Search, sort and filter patient data instantly
  • Complete visit management and reporting
  • Keep accurate track of staff and employee data
  • Generate patient registration forms for delivery to medical personnel
  • Easily manage account and billing information - improve your organizations profitability
  • Expandable system is great for field clinical use - keep all essential information in one complete database file
  • Quickly analyze medical condition data to ascertain trend and communicability information
  • An invaluable and affordable tool for all growing health care organizations

Let DB-Pros Hospital Database Software manage your critical information so you can focus on your patients.

DB-Pros' Hospital Database Software will improve your organizations business operations and ensure every patient record is always available, every time.

Only $489.95 for a single user license!  FREE support included!

Buy Hospital Database Management Software Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 / 8 / 10 or higher
Approx. 240mb disk space
Internet connection (for licensing)

  Starting at $489.95 for single user license

Immediate Digital Delivery / CD-ROM also
  Additional licenses can be purchased separately for $99.95.  Buy 1 License  
Software Reviews:
Softonic 4 stars
Softonic: 4 / 5 stars
*Free for humanitarian use - please request license  

Stop managing critical data medical data using obsolete MS Excel files and try using a system custom built for Hospital and Patient data management.  After using DB-Pros' Hospital Database Management Software you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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