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Connecting an XBox360 to Windows 7 / 10 to stream audio (mp3) files

Having trouble streaming audio from your Windows 10 PC to your Xbox360?

The steps below have been posted as a service to Microsoft XBox360 users and customers.

(PLEASE NOTE: No support or warrantee is provided.)

1) Install Windows Media Feature Pack (download here)

2) Add your media files and folders to Windows Media Player's library

Add any media folders you have

3) If you wish, set Windows Media Player on your PC to automatically allow streaming to network devices

4) Access More streaming options and ensure your Xbox360 is enabled

You should now be able to access your library using the System Music Player on the XBox360.  Your library will show as MyPC\MyUsername from the available media devices on the XBox360's music player screen.

Hope you find this helpful.



Last Updated: 1/13/2016

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