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Microsoft .NET Application Conversion Services   Microsoft .NET Application Conversion Services by DB-Pros, Inc.

So you've heard all about the exciting and powerful features provided by the Microsoft .NET platform. There are substantial benefits to taking advantage of the .NET framework. The Windows Vista operating system is tightly integrated with .NET, so applications written in .NET code are well-suited for the desktops of future.

So how do you convert your existing application to .NET?

Microsoft supplies several .NET code upgrade utilities to convert legacy code to .NET code. However, these tools essentially just look at your code and perform find and replace routines on the text. Have you ever plugged some foreign language text into a translation engine? While you may be able to infer some context from the results, you would not want to circulate the results. One poor word replacement could cause major problems!

In the same way, you would not want your business to run on code blindly converted by an upgrade wizard.

To properly convert a program .NET requires looking at the entire project as much as the details of the code.

DB-Pros, Inc. application conversion services can take your current non-.NET application and intelligently and carefully convert it to the .NET platform. You can depend on our decades of experience to preserve the critical functionality of your business application. We will also suggest opportunities where code can be optimized or enhanced to leverage the strong capabilities of the .NET framework.

No matter what language your current application was written in, DB-Pros can convert it to .NET for you with expert service and exceptional results.

Contact us today to discuss converting your application or project to .NET.

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