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MS Access Database Optimization   MS Access Database Optimization by DB-Pros, Inc.

So you've chosen the Microsoft Access platform to support a business need. Perhaps you did some research and development on your own (R & D is sometimes known as tinkering) and you created an initial database system. For sure, Microsoft has built many user-friendly features into Access to allow anyone with the desire and inclination to be able to start using Access. The dozens of Access wizards and utilities can quickly generate many database objects and macros with the click of a few buttons.

Or perhaps you contacted a vendor to take on the task of creating an Access database solution for you. Access' low barrier to entry (it is packaged with Microsoft Office) has made the software accessible to a wide audience, and hence there is no shortage of people offering their Access software development services. Unfortunately, very few of those offering their services have a true understanding of the Access platform. While anyone can jump in and start working in Access, it truly takes years of experience and skill refinement to learn the "ins and outs" Access. Alas, while it can be hard to develop a mastery of Access, it is fairly easy to create a sub-standard and unreliable database.

Some common symptoms of a poorly designed Access database are:

  • Poor query and/or report performance
  • Rapid/frequent jumps in database growth
  • Excessive and/or unjustifiable database size
  • Record and user dead-locking (ie "you do not have exclusive access to the database at this time")
  • Frequent ambiguous error messages

It is this these types of situation which causes many to feel that Access is not a good choice for database solutions.

However, there is good news. Just because an Access database is not performing satisfactorily, it does not mean all is lost. With the proper attention, even poorly designed Access databases can be cleaned up and re-purposed back to its original intention. This can entail a variety of activities and techniques, such as data normalization, table indexing, re-coding, and general application clean-up.

DB-Pros have been using Microsoft Access since version 2.0 (1993). What this experience translates to you is the ability to efficiently ascertain the precise optimization technique(s) required to bring your existing Access database back to life. You can count on our expert analysis skills to identify the cause and apply the appropriate remedy to your struggling Access database, without wasting your time or your money. The results can be truly dramatic, and surprisingly cost-effective.

Once your database has been given its due optimization tune-up, then is the time to consider adding some of those "cool" features you have been thinking about.

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