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Visual Basic / VB.NET Application Development   Visual Basic / VB.NET Application Development by DB-Pros, Inc.

Visual Basic is essentially the "Windows version" of the BASIC programming language from the 1970's. Its longevity is a testament to the utility and flexibility of the language. Alas, with technology advancing at an exponential pace, only a truly well-designed and extensible product stands a chance of suviving for an extended period of time.

The Visual Basic language is such a program. While Microsoft has made iterative improvements in VB's functionalities and capabilities over the years, the langauge has never veered far from its useful roots. This explains why VB is one of the most commonly used software development languages in use today.

VB.NET is the most recent incarnation of the Visual Basic language. It was first released with Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET development environment in 2003. Visual Basic .NET is essentially a fuel-injected version of VB designed to take advantage of opportunities and meet needs precipitated by the rapid expansion of internet and world-wide web (does anyone even call it that anymore?).

DB-Pros are expert Visual Basic programmers who believe that the VB language deserves the popularity it has achieved. The VB language has stood the test of time, and then some, and has returned tremendous value to its users. Programs professionally written in Visual Basic are cost-effective, scalable, powerful, and useful. Such full-featured, robust applications are good for businesses, developers, and the bottom-line.

DB-Pros are masters of Visual Basic development and VB.NET programming. Whether you need to convert an existing Visual Basic 6.0 application to VB.NET or are have a business need for a custom-designed VB application, we are here to help you.

Contact DB-Pros today to learn why we are so passionate about Visual Basic application development.  VB is here to stay... Shouldn't your systems be, as well?

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