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It would be an understatement to say that the internet and web have revolutionized software and application development. These technologies have in fact revolutionized the modern world.

Like the Pony Express or the steam train, these advances in computer networking and communication have changed how people interact. The "net" has quite literally brought the world to anyone with a PC and an internet connection.

The first web-based computer programs were built on cumbersome and out-dated languages. Not surprisingly, they left users with less than pleasant experiences. This actually contributed to some of the early apprehension to adopting web applications that businesses felt.

In time, however, the truly far-reaching scope and magnitude of the internet over-shadowed any of its perceived inconveniences. The worlds of marketing, manufacturing, commerce, and truly business itself would be forever changed by these once-institutional technologies.

As the internet and web have matured, so have the expectations of the people using them.

Internet access methods have gone from 2400 bps phone-based modem connections (remember having to put the phone handset in a receiver cradle?), to high-speed broadband wire and fiber-optic installations. Putting images on a website often entailed serious consideration, and in fact they were often foregone on 'serious', 'functional' business websites.

Microsoft, too, has had to change its way of thinking. Does anyone remember, oh, the year 1995, when Netscape Navigator was considered the standard way to "browse the web"? Before that it was a program called Mosaic, which was actually a research 'project' developed by an academic/goverment-funded team (there really is a strong connection between the internet and Al Gore -- and we encourage you to research it!).

Microsoft was late to the game with Internet Explorer (it was not even included with Windows 95, but only first available as an add-on download), but the company quickly poured resources (and money) into this 'internet thing', releasing a new programming language for building web sites and web applications, called ASP, in 1996.

ASP was a marked improvement over the static pages rendered by the standard web programming language, HTML (hypertext markup language). But the 'useability' of web applications was still a long way from their desktop-based cousins.

ASP.NET was released with Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET development environment in 2003, and has changed the way web applications are both designed and used. Custom Windows-like controls and interactive features have allowed application developers to efficiently bring data and functionality over the internet to a user's computer.  Integrated technologies like XML and Active Directory have made it possible for web applications to communicate seamlessly and securely with parent data servers.

The popularity of hand-held devices and multi-media cellphones has only served to increase the demand for internet-based applications.

Today's web applications can deliver rich, full-featured and exciting experiences to their users.

Whether you need help converting an existing HTML or ASP web site to ASP.NET, or are looking for a high-performing custom ASP.NET web application, we can help you.

DB-Pros' experience developing both desktop and web applications helps us to bring powerful and efficient results to our clients.

Contact us today to find out how we can do the same for you.

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